2018 Competition Guide


Welcome & Introduction

Rules & Clarifications

Scoring Spreadsheet

General Competition Information

Design Tips

Eligibility Requirements
Paper Competition
Business Meeting

Judges Training Meeting

Team Captain Meeting

Display Judging

Site Layout



Post Construction

Lateral Load Test

Vertical Load Tests
- Loading Devices
- Deflection Measurement
- Sway Measurement

Bridge Weight

Data Entry

History & Results



The 2018 National Student Steel Bridge Competition
will be hosted by 
The ASCE Student Chapter of
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
in Champaign, Ill
25-26 May 2018


See images from the 2017 NSSBC competition at 2017asceaiscnssbc.shutterfly.com/


This guide has been developed by the National Rules Committee to supplement the official rules. This guide is considered to be an AID to competitors, hosts, and judges involved in the competition both at the ASCE student conference and national levels. The information presented here is not intended to supersede the rules. If there is a conflict, then the rules govern.

Competition Mission:

Bob Shaw
Steel Bridge Competition Founder

2017 Rules Committee

The mission of the ASCE/AISC Student Steel Bridge Competition (SSBC) is to supplement the education of civil engineering students with a comprehensive, student-driven project experience from conception and design through fabrication, erection, and testing, culminating in a steel structure that meets client specifications and optimizes performance and economy. The SSBC increases awareness of real-world engineering issues such as spatial constraints, material properties, strength, serviceability, fabrication and erection processes, safety, esthetics, and cost. Success in inter-collegiate competition requires effective teamwork and project management. Future engineers are stimulated to innovate, practice professionalism, and use structural steel efficiently.


The Student Steel Bridge Competition is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and co-sponsored by the American Galvanizers Association, the American Iron and Steel Institute, Bentley Systems, Inc, the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), DS Solidworks Corp, the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, the National Steel Bridge Alliance, and Nucor Corporation.

The Rules Committee is a joint committee appointed by ASCE Educational Activities and the AISC University Relations staff. In spring 2016 the committee consisted of eight members, most with considerable experience with the competition. Members on the committee come from both industry and academia. The names of the members of the rules committee are listed on page 3 of the 2017 rules.

Competitions are held both at a regional (at ASCE student conferences) and a national level.

The regional competitions are held in conjunction with ASCE Student Conferences. Each ASCE student chapter may enter the ASCE student conference competition in the conference of which they are a member.

Participation in the National competition is by invitation only. Invitations to Nationals are extended to the top performing teams in each ASCE student conference.  See the rules for more details about the selection process.